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Hi everyone, I'm Andrei Epure, a dedicated personal trainer. My focus is on providing personalized and effective training programs both in-person and online. I bring a dynamic approach to fitness, ensuring each client's unique goals and needs are met. 

As a personal trainer offering both 1:1 and online coaching, I am deeply passionate about fitness and health. My expertise includes a wide range of workout routines, nutritional planning, and overall wellness strategies that are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. In my 1:1 sessions, I provide focused attention, demonstrating exercises, correcting forms, and offering motivation to help clients push through their limits. For my online coaching services, I utilize digital platforms to deliver workout plans, dietary advice, and conduct regular check-ins to ensure my clients stay on track, even from a distance.


My approach is flexible and client-centric, allowing me to design effective and engaging training programs for individuals with diverse fitness levels and goals. I pride myself on my strong communication skills, which are vital for both in-person and virtual interactions. Through these skills, I am able to effectively guide, inspire, and support my clients in their journey towards improved health and fitness. Whether it’s in the gym or through a screen, my goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those I train, helping them to achieve and surpass their health and fitness aspirations.

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